Walk 4 Friendship 2017

Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017
10:00 am Signup
10:30 - 1:30 - Walk
and Entertainment 

The Friendship Circle
500 West Silver Spring Drive #K-200
Glendale, WI 53217

About the Friendship Circle

Imagine a world where people young and old live apart from society, isolated from others, without friends – without that vital connection of laughter, shared moments, and comfort, just because they are "different." 

Now picture the reverse.  Visualize a community transformed - a group that recognizes the common thread that runs through each of us, regardless of age, ethnicity, background, etc.  By reaching past ourselves and into the lives of others, we find meaning, purpose, and love. 

The Friendship Circle of Wisconsin brings that vision alive. It extends a helping hand to both adults with special needs and families who have children with special needs and involves them in a full range of unique social experiences.  By tapping into the idealism and energy of our teen volunteers and the selfless giving our adult volunteer corps, the Friendship Circle nurtures a sense of compassion and nurtures a new generation of communal leaders.  

Founded in 2004, the centerpiece of the Friendship Circle program is the pairing of local teenagers for weekly home visits with the children, and extends from there to a full range of activities and events including: Drum Circles, After School Programs, Art Projects, Community Dinners, Sports Night, Mall Walking, Picnics and a host of other activities — all catering to special needs children, adults and their families.

By integrating the wisdom of professionals and the energetic spirit of teenagers, the Friendship Circle brings out the best from within all of those involved. Through the gifts and joys of friendship, our young volunteers are able to reach these special children in ways that most forms of therapy 
cannot. Furthermore, the program has had a profound effect on the teenagers themselves instilling within them the values of giving and gratitude.

The underlying philosophy of the Friendship Circle is that every child is an entire world worthy of love, laughter, nurturing and connection. A child with special needs can feel the pain of loneliness and the euphoria of friendship like any other child. The real beauty of the Friendship Circle is that it has so many winners: The special-needs children, their families, the teenage volunteers, the staff members and the benevolent supporters. All are part of a seamless circle of giving and sharing.

What can be more satisfying and worthwhile than transforming an entire world that is the life of a child?

For further information, please visit the Friendship Circle website at www.fcwi.org.